About Us

Our history

The Collett family has been serving Southwestern Ohio since 1919, starting with the Collett Hardware Store in New Burlington, OH. Since then, we have expanded our range of products and services, building Collett Propane, Inc., Collett Sealcoating and Collett Salt Supply.

Our salt supply business is the exclusive regional dealer of Morton Salt - the largest and most respected salt company in the world. That means we can offer you the finest salt products - including ice melt salt, pool salt, and water softener salt - at extremely reasonable prices. It also means we are able to do that while maintaining an extraordinarily high level of customer service, from our salespeople to our salt delivery crew.

Collett Hardware Store: The early years

Collett Salt Supply's roots extend back to 1919. That was the year Bob Collett founded Collett Hardware in the small farming community of New Burlington, Ohio. Having just returned from service in World War I, Bob sensed the store would be successful due to its central location between the towns of Xenia and Wilmington; Bob's instincts were right! Customers came from miles around not only out of convenience, but also because of Bob's commitment to service.

People counted on Collett Hardware for its abundant inventory and expert advice. The store was also a popular gathering place where the locals shared news and socialized. This is where Bob's son, Don, spent much of his time growing up. The family store instilled in Don an appreciation for working hard to please customers. Years later, that lesson proved valuable when Don co-founded Collett Propane with his brother Chuck.

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